Cadence CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo (Review)

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We have already discussed the Cadence CC5 Lightweight Spinning Combo in a review. Now we would like to present the Cadence CC4 lightweight spinning combo. Let’s check what we can find about this incredible ultralight spinning combo.

The CC4 lightweight spinning combo is the direct iteration of CC5. We have found all the Cadence features and components in this. Like its sibling, it comes as a great solution for anglers all over the world.

You may find this very convenient with the compact design. With an ultra-light body, it ensures the ultra-portability of the combo. We have found the components both durable and lightweight.

Like its sibling, CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo has become versatile. We have found it functional like pretty workable fishing gear. As a lightweight spinning rod and reel combo, you can take along on any kind of fishing expedition.

Why Cadence CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo?

Cadence is a renowned brand. We have already discussed one of the Cadence ultralight spinning combos reviews. You may like this incredible Cadence CC4 spinning combo from the very first glance.

Like the CC5 we have mentioned earlier, it has the same advanced 24-ton graphite as the rod material. We have already learned a lot about 24-ton graphite. The inclusion of this material has made it very incredible. It is both durable, with a remarkable resistance against distortion.

Being lightweight has made it portable so that you can carry and operate with ease. You can have control over it, besides the body made it flexible for angling at any suitable place. A closer look at the components can give you a clear picture.

Cadence CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo

This lightweight spinning combo has an EVA handle knob for a comfortable grip. It does not create any remarkable weight with the main combo, as EVA grip light. The inclusion of stainless steel has also restrengthened the main shaft.

The Cadence CC4 lightweight spinning combo has stainless steel for guides and inserts. The full construction and materials have made sure of the whole water resistance.

You will find a full-fledged premium experience with utmost durability and ultra-portability. This high-sensitive combo will let you know about every fraction of vibration. You can go for angling to catch the smallest fishes, as it will let you know about the tiny bit of movements on the lure.

The pinion gear is also durable with stainless steel material. The CC4 Spinning Combo is suitable when you go for freshwater fishing. For catching bass, trout, walleye, flounder, red-fish, and others, you can rely on this.


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Key Features At A Glance:

  • 7 + 1 instant anti-reverse bearing – smooth, durable, & corrosion resistant
  • Carbon composite frame & side plate – lightweight, strong, & corrosion resistant
  • Machined aluminum spool – lightweight & strong
  • Over-sized ergonomic EVA handle – comfortable & lightweight
  • 24-ton graphite – lightweight & sensitive
  • EVA handles – durable & lightweight
  • Stainless steel guides & inserts – corrosion resistant
  • Double footed hook keeper – convenient transport & storage

Look for the manual instruction for further instruction. Most professionals feel free to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • High-end design and materials have made it free from rust and corrosion. The materials for each of the components get handpicked to ensure durability.
  • For a beginner, this combo has a great design, as it is susceptible to notice every bit of its responses. Both lightweight and sensitive features have made it easy to sense the small fishes. It keeps watching around the hook, lures, and baits.
  • It is suitable for freshwater species generally. You can catch some limited inshore species – flounder, red-fish, and others.
  • With flexibility and ultra-portability, it is very convenient in design. The presence of EVA handles is cool. It adds comfort and ease while gripping, besides these handles, are lightweight.
  • The 7+1 ball bearing system comes with an anti-reverse system. This ball bearing unit makes it easy for both casting and retracting the line.
  • It has a significant flaw, as it is not suitable for braided filament. Though, most of the professionals prefer thread over many other available lines.


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How Many Type Of Combos Does Cadence CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo Have?


With 5 different models, Cadence CC4 lightweight spinning combo is versatile. It offers you the benefit of buying a suitable option for you. You can decide what you need for your angling around.

With a wide range of lengths and types, you are not likely to mess during buying. Grab each of the different models to feel the comfort level. All the models have similar materials on each of the components.

You may find no differences between the material and features. All the combo models differ in size length and measurement. The size length of the rods ranges from 5’6” to 7’0”.

To meet up your demand in different kinds of actions, there are 4 different levels of power. You can choose from- ultralight, medium-light, medium, and medium-heavy. This versatility helps you with different types of actions in different conditions.

With this convenient and portable combo, you can move it from places to places with ease. In the earlier part of this article, we have already discussed the material of this lightweight spinning rod and reel combo.

Available Models:

  • CC4-1000-56UL
  • CC4-2000-66ML
  • CC4-2000-66M
  • CC4-3000-70M
  • CC4-4000-70MH

Key Specs At A Glance:

  • Reel: From CS5-1000 to CS5-4000.
  • Length: From 5’6” to 7’0”.
  • Power: Ultralight, Medium Light, Medium, and Medium Heavy.
  • Action: Moderate, Moderate Fast, and Fast.
  • Pieces: 02.
  • Line Cap Mono: 6/110 lb/yds, 6/160 lb/yds, 10/150 lb/yds, and 10/220 lb/yds.
  • Handle Type: Split.

How To Attach A Line To A Cadence CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo?

 Attaching a line to a Cadence CC4 lightweight spinning combo needs special care and precaution. Without precaution, you may damage the spinning rail, besides it may harm your rod also. Before spooling, you must know the line capacity of the entire combo.

Putting the line requires to open the bale at first. Make sure you have opened the bale before tying the line around the reel.  If you start tying with a proper knot, that can help you do things. We hope you may not see the accidental breaking down of the line with a proper tight knot.

We must not recommend any specific knot for you. You can decide what kind of knots you prefer most, but do not overdo anything while applying knots. Try to keep it simple, so that casting and retracting can remain easy and smooth.

After tying the knot, cut off the extra line from the base. So that the line can not get tangled with the actual line and the rod or reel. You can cover the knot with a sticker to keep it straight. Afterward, you can go for winding and spooling.

We hope you can follow the instruction given by the suppliers. Do it with steadiness, as this smooth requires not a long time. You must not keep extra pressure on anything. Doing this maneuver is the best option for your Cadence CC4 lightweight spinning combo.

Where To Buy Cadence CC4 Lightweight Spinning Combo? 

You may find this as a suitable ultralight fishing spinning combo. Click here to buy this incredible ultralight spinning fishing rod and reel combo.

Concluding Remarks:

Choosing to buy a lightweight spinning fishing rod and reel combo is cool. It saves you from going through the trouble of buying them. You will find the combos as a ready-for-action mode.

Each of the combos is well-configured to match each of the components. So, having them is fun. Choosing between a compatible rod and reel is no easy task. The Cadence CC4 lightweight spinning combo can make your catch fishes experience better. than ever.

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