how to catch fish by hand

How to Catch Fish By Hand Following Few Steps

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Think about a moment, when you have to catch fishes with your bare hand because you do not have access to any fishing gear or tools. It also can happen, that you can not afford any of this.

How can I catch fish in this case?

The question is obvious, so it will eventually pop up in your mind. We might ask you in this case – What will you do?

In this case read through this entire article about Catch Fishes by Hand, where we will present a step by step guide and instruction. We will help you learn how to catch fishes by hand, besides we will also discuss the advantages and flaws of doing it yourself.

how to catch fish with your hands

How to Catch Fish By Hand:

As you have the determination to know how to do it, we can now step forward to the issue.

Catching fish by hand comes in your mind when you are near a water body with immense fishes underneath. Having seen that much fished in front your eyes seems likely very tempting, so you must know how to go after them without having any of the tools or gears.

Without learning and practicing frequently, you will have no luck, as fishes are greasy enough to slip through your grab. In this case, to get about the fishing rod, hook, line or even a trap, afterward start your mission like a primitive hunter & gatherer.

Hand fishing, as well as noodling, has always been around from the beginning, but we can not recommend this because of some safety issues. When you have no other available around, you may need to rely on noodling.

Since you are in full readiness to learn further we will now take you through the steps to till the end.

Basic Steps On How To Catch Fish By Hand:

Step One: How to move in the water?

Before the beginning, you have to wear a swimsuit or any kind of clothing made of light-weight fabrics to prevent you from absorbing too much water. Afterward, you must consider the temperature of the water, because cold water will be hazardous for your health.

Be sure of the temperature, before leaping to the water to avoid any danger. Remember, you can not practice noodling during the night, while you can not see any upcoming danger lurking to you, or water remains cooler.

Be calm while you are treading water, because your slowly and calculated stride will less likely to disturb the resident underneath or hovering around. To avoid getting wet, you must take a position in a place where the water flow is comparatively slow.

Look for the gap among the stones, so you can confine the prey in between the compartment of stones or gaping holes. Get slow to bend or lean, your rapid movement will either move water violently or scare away the fishes in the water.

Be calm while you are treading water, because your slowly and calculated stride will less likely to disturb the resident underneath or hovering around. To avoid getting wet, you must take a position in a place where the water flow is comparatively slow.

Step Two: How long to wait in the water?

Do not move for about 10 minutes, as your body will stop producing extra heat to match the temperature of the water underneath. If you can make it happen earlier, the fish will also start circling or moving beside you earlier.

Allow the fishes to move naturally without your interference, they feel more secure to come close to you. We can assume you are looking for this to happen because it will make them easy prey to you as a prize of your patience.

Step Three: How to trick the fish in the water?

This question is a very important one, as you may need to trick the fishes by temptation rather than baits. As this entire catch fish by hand method means you do not any kind of equipment, you should gain the remarkable skill of tricking to catch them off guard.

While it comes to the point of gathering baits from surrounding, you can use dead insects or worms underneath stone as baits. If there is nothing available for you to find, you can still use your hands as baits.

If you wiggle your hands for a few moments like worm skillfully, it will attract the fishes toward. By using this way you can depict a scenario of struggling worms, which will build up the temptation to the fishes enough to bite your hands.

When the fish lies hidden in a cave, or rocks, it becomes easy to catch them. As they can not leave the place in an instant, you can wait a bit more and allow it some time to relax.

Step Four: How to get hold of the fish in the water?

You should be very attentive to get hold of the fish with reflex, so hold it either by the gills or the mouth. If you can hold it tightly, it will not be able to escape. With an easy-grip, you can grab the fish very easily and through it to the nearest ground

If there is not sufficient time to get hold properly, you can just put your hand beneath the prey and throw it to the nearest bank. Remember, your quickness of the action and precise reflex will decide the success, besides you can also put it back to the water.

Facts to remember  and follow:

Your skill is very important in this catching fish by hand method, as you may like to allow the fishes to survive. If you like let them go back into the water, you should be careful to not hurt them.

Get hold them tightly, but do not press any of the body parts or fins. If you break any of the fins or radar or antenna during your hunting, the fish will eventually die.

Master your skill before start noodling, so this will keep the survival rate remarkably high.

  • Try to approach the fish from behind to make the strike effective to catch the fish of the guard.
  • Try to remain and steady while placing your hands beneath the water, because you should not scare off the fishes.
  • Keep your eyes for the place of concealment – in between the stones, behind bushes or shrubs, caves, and any suitable place for concealment.

Concluding Remarks:

If you are interested in adventure and thrill at an affordable price and cost, you can rely on the caught fish by hand method. This affordable and budget requires much skill and quickness of the action of your body movement, so it will create excitement in your mind.

While it requires not any remarkable cost, you can try this anytime you want. All you need is a bit practice and patient, so rely on your instinct and be ready to catch fish by hand.

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